Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cleaning Up the Craft Drawer

The craft drawer in our kitchen belongs to the boys. This is where we stash their scissors, glue, stickers, pencils and a myriad of other essentials. It has a tendency to become a junk drawer and overflows periodically.

The clutter made it hard for the boys to find scissors and tape when they needed to wrap Christmas presents. We finally found one pair and made a point of keeping them near the front of the craft drawer so we could access them easily. That was a good thing. In the flurry of Christmas wrapping, my good scissors came up missing and this was all we had.

This is the craft drawer before my 15 minutes of cleaning.

This is the stack of various paper products I cleaned out of the craft drawer. It all went in the recycling basket.

This is the craft drawer after cleaning. This only took 15 minutes! Not bad. (Look at all the scissors!)
We also have a craft cupboard, which is a project for another day.

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