Monday, December 29, 2008

Organizing the Utility Room - Part I

I'm estimating that the utility room will take most of the year to clean and organize. I decided to get a start on it today. I picked a corner of one of the work tables to spend my first of many 15-minute chunks of time.

Before I started I made sure I had an empty cardboard box for sorting things we need to keep and a garbage can for things we need to toss.

This is the before picture.

This is the after picture. You can see the tabletop! There's still a small box of clutter here. This is all computer stuff that I don't know how to sort. I'm trying to get my husband involved in this project, too. Hopefully I can get him to spend 15 minutes on this box tonight.

Here's today's stack of paper and cardboard for the recycling basket.

This is a box of tools that I collected from that little corner of the utility room. Two square feet of space had ALL these tools! There are nails, washers and things of that nature in the Altoid tins. That's my husband's work from earlier in the year.


  1. I think it's great that you're cleaning out the clutter. It's true that clutter costs money!

    Here's to a clutter free 2009!

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  2. Ive been working on the very same thing today. I took pics, but Im too scared to share them on my blog. lol. Your a motivation. Im gonna add ya to my blog roll.

    Alana Jo @

  3. Thanks everyone! It's motivating me to know I'm not the only one dealing with too much clutter. Thanks for the blog links, too. I'm checking them out now!