Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Toys

The baby's room has started to become a catch-all for toys. Today, I focused on this spot, but the closet is full of hand-me-down toys, too.

We've got various toy containers in here since he doesn't have a toy box or special toy organizer yet. I'm not sure what I'm going to store his toys in ultimately.

I don't really like toy boxes. We've got two downstairs and they end up becoming the black hole of toy storage. Toys go in, but they never come out. The things that get played with regularly usually reside on the very top of the toy box. I'm open to suggestions for this. Does anyone have any toy storage solutions that they particularly like?

After 15 minutes of sorting and putting more toys in the closet, it looks like this. The baby was playing as I was working, so he was well on his way to having it all dumped again. I'm happy I found all the rings to the ring stacker. That hasn't been complete in months.

These toys and the broken basket are destined for the transfer station. Elmo is broken and annoying, so he is no longer welcome in our home.

The problem with sorting baby toys is that it is really hard to part with some things. This is one of them. All three of my boys played with this when they were infants. I've got a few more things in the closet that I'm equally emotional about. I'll have to deal with that stuff later.

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