Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to the Utility Room - Part VII

Today's work is a clear example of things getting worse before they get better. In order to get the two tables completely cleared so we can move them, I really needed to start sorting the things in the boxes on both tables. There are different types of cord in a lot of the boxes.

My husband has a lot of various computer cords, cables and other similar things. He never throws anything out.

These are the cords I picked off the table as I cleared it the first time.
This is one of several other baskets or boxes of cords I found today. There are lots more.

I did the best I could to sort the cords. I can sort out the wide cords from the thin cords, but can't do much more than that. I was able to sort out power supply cords because, for some reason, I know what those are. They are in another box that you can't see in the picture.

I will try to get my husband to go through the boxes and throw away old things that he won't use. Maybe he can further sort the cords by type. My goal is to have large Rubbermaid containers for each type.

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