Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cleaning the Spice Cupboard

Now that the craft cupboard is done, I want to keep working in the kitchen a bit every week. I'd like to have the whole thing cleaned out by spring. I haven't done much deep cleaning in there in the past two years and it needs it.

The spice cupboard holds a lot of my small baking supplies. Bags of flour and sugar are kept elsewhere, but baking powder, cocoa, cookie cutters and lots of other necessities are here.

I know it doesn't look too bad in this picture. But, it really is a mess. I'm having trouble finding things I need. I've started the bad habit of buying things that I'm not sure I have only to find them later crammed in the back of the cupboard under a dried up bag of brown sugar.
Fifteen minutes later and it looks much better.

Here is a bunch of stuff that I took out of the cupboard. Some of the containers were empty or almost empty. Each of those baking powder cans had just a bit left in the bottom. I dumped them both into the new container that I opened a week ago. My family doesn't eat artificial colors and flavors anymore. We haven't for almost two years. So, I figure it's time to throw away the old food dye and flavorings.


  1. Great job. I do the same thing. I really need to get with it and clean out mine too.

  2. Nice! I love the plastic bucket, is it just spices in there?

  3. Yeah, it's just spices. I figured it'd be easier to pull the whole thing out to find what I need. Otherwise I end up rumaging through the cupboard and making a mess again.