Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coffee Cupboard

I'm back in the kitchen today. I'm hoping to have all the cupboards cleaned out by spring. I haven't done this in two years and they need it.

This cupboard really needed cleaning. We keep our coffee here. If you're a coffee drinker, you know how messy the grounds can be. They always end up all over the shelf. I bought a new, larger can of coffee today and a box of tea bags. Niether was going to fit unless I cleaned some things out.
All the stuff I want to keep now fits nicely. And the shelves had a much needed wipedown.

This is all the stuff I removed from the cupboard. The ginger Altoids were nasty. I bought them at least five years ago when I was pregnant with my four year old. They were supposed to help with the nausea. They didn't. No one else liked them either.


  1. My coffee cupboard needs a cleaning too. This may have just motivated me to do it. :)

  2. Coffee cupboards get messy fast, don't they? If you're up for it, take pictures and e-mail them to me when you're done. I'll post them here. :)

  3. I sooooo need to do this too. Man your so motivational!!!!

  4. Are you throwing out hot cocoa???

  5. Yes, I tossed hot cocoa. There were only a few packets left and no one's been drinking it.

    Thanks, Alana Jo!