Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Craft Cupboard is Done!

I was really excited about cleaning up the clutter for 15 minutes today. Mostly because I figured out what to do with this Snapware Snap 'n Stack organizer that I bought at Target last week.

I had no idea what I would use this for when I bought it. I thought it looked cool and convenient all at the same time.

I still had the final shelf of the craft cupboard to organize. This shelf wasn't really a mess. The main problem was that I had three of the above containers and a bin of paper crammed in there. They barely fit and I had to slide the pull-out shelf back in carefully so that it wouldn't hit the one above it.
It struck me that I don't need to keep every single crayon, marker and pencil that has ever come into our house. The thing is, we get a lot of crayons. The crayons that we buy in September come home from school in June every year. The boys get crayons for Christmas. They get them at restaurants and various other places. So, I'm not worried about running out.

Everything got pared down to fit in the Snapware. Two sections for crayons, one for markers and one for pencils. I love it! It's a huge space saver in the craft cupboard. I think it will be more convenient for the boys, too.

The craft cupboard is my first finished project. I threw away 8 pounds of crayons, markers and old colored pencils. I also weeded through the paper bin and put 4 pounds of old workbooks and coloring books into the recycling basket.