Monday, January 5, 2009

The Craft Cupboard

I organized the craft drawer on my first day of Cleaning Up the Clutter. The boys got a bunch of new craft supplies for Christmas, so I've got to clean out the craft cupboard to make room.

I've organized this cupboard many times. All the basic organizational elements are there. Rubbermaid containers for the crayons, Play-doh and markers. A big plastic container for the paper, 3-ring binders for their special artwork and school papers and a toolbox for their painting supplies.

I tend to cram things in there just to get them off the counter and, before I know it, it looks like this.

It didn't even take the full fifteen minutes to tidy up the top shelf. I had a couple of minutes to spare, so I did a few things on the bottom shelf and then wiped down the outside of the door with a damp rag.

I can close the toolbox now. And, that makes me happy.

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