Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Cupboard Under the Kitchen Sink

This cupboard is my secret shame. It's packed with plastic grocery bags. I do have cloth shopping bags, but I am hit or miss with taking them shopping. So, the plastic bags collect and, in our case, they have been collecting for over a year.

I knew my 15 minutes had to be devoted to this cupboard today when my husband opened the door and a plastic-bag avalanche tumbled to the floor.

This is better! I now have a large plastic bag stuffed with about a million others in the trunk of my car. I'll put them in the recycling box at CVS when I shop for my deals this week. I have $9 in extra-care bucks and I'm excited for the circular tomorrow! I'll try to remember to bring a cloth shopping bag with me.


  1. Nice! I'm feeling fully inspired. I think I'm going to start some decluttering missions to post starting next month!

  2. Fantastic, Ms. Burrows! I can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. Nice! Are you running out of places to de-clutter?

  4. You rock!

    Do you not have one of those baggy things that you put your plastic grocery bags in? If not, they are super cheap at WM, or you can make them really easy.

  5. Rachel - Sadly, I am not running out of places to de-clutter. LOL The utility room is still a huge project. And, I'm only half-way through the kitchen. I have most of the bedroom and hall closets to do. And, when the weather's warmer, I've got the garage and back porch. Sigh. It really will take all year, I think. But, I feel good about all I have done so far!

    Alana Jo - We used to have one of those baggy things. We over-stuffed it all the time and it broke. I never got another one. I should, though! Thanks for reminding me of them!