Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Front of the Refrigerator

I didn't feel like doing my 15 minutes today. We've had a really busy day, the baby hasn't napped besides the 20 minutes in the car and we've got to go back out for my son's basketball game in a little bit. So, I looked around for something easy to do and settled on the front of the refrigerator.

It's time I weeded out all the old pictures, appointment cards and various other things. I thought for sure I'd finish early. No such luck. This job took more than 15 minutes! It looks good though.

I want to get some magnetic frames for current pictures, so those will be put back soon. But, hopefully I can keep it from looking like a disaster again.


  1. I can totally relate!

    Oh and I see the light saver (or whatever its called) on top of the fridge. My boys have those too. LOL. They have WAY too many toys!!!!

    I really need to work on the top of my fridge. DH thinks thats the place to put everything.

  2. Yeah, the light saber. There's some toys swords up there, too - lol. That's where we put them when the boys are a little too wild with the sword fighting. LOL I cleaned off the top and put them all back in the kids' rooms, except for one that fell behind the fridge! I'll pull it out and rescue it one of these days.