Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kitchen Drawer and Cupboard

Ugh! The weekends are busy. I'm still managing to squeeze in my 15 minutes of decluttering. It's only 15 minutes, right?

Today I tackled the kitchen drawer where I keep my potholders, tin foil, baggies and other things of that nature.
Excuse how filthy my potholders are. I really need to throw those in the laundry. There is no reason for this drawer to be a cluttered mess. I don't keep that much in here. Hopefully I can keep it organized from now on.

I had enough time left to clean and vacuum the pots and pans cupboard and wipe down the outside of this section of the kitchen cabinets.

Now we're off to a birthday party, basketball game and a visit with my new niece.


  1. Great job. Ive had a job today cleaning up my kitchen. It was a huge mess. Yesterday was a long day for us. Between Michael, the boys, and the cat.. I had a mess in there waiting for me. Im done with the general cleaning in there. Maybe, Ill tackle a drawer.

  2. That looks so awesome! You are inspiring. We are in the middle of a move but I have this fantasy that once we settle in at our new location... I will be clutter free and organized.. Thanks for feeding my dream ;)

  3. Thanks everyone! Alana Jo - It is hard to declutter when the regular, day to day mess still needs to be dealt with. My kitchen gets like that often.

    Jennifer - Funny you should mention moving. My husband and I were talking about how great it was to declutter whenever we moved. We've been here for a little over 7 years, the longest we've been anywhere. That's why we have so much clutter! I hope your dream of being clutter free and organized comes true! I've got the same dream...