Sunday, January 4, 2009

Organizing the Utility Room - Part III

I had to head back to the utility room today. I need to work in there at least a few days a week in order to make progress. I really think this room is a year-long project.

This is our "new" work table that is supposed to replace the old one that I've been cleaning. We've had the new table for seven years. Unfortunately, we left it in the middle of the room as close to our oil tank as it can be without touching it. And we stacked things on it. And around it. And under it. This is the reason our utility room looks and feels like a tunnel.

One of my goals is to get both of these tables cleared enough to move the old one out and put the new one in its place.
This is after 15 minutes. Unfortunately, with the exception of a few empty boxes and a box of books, most of the stuff ended up on the old work table.

I really need to get my husband to start going through some of this stuff. He told me today that he needs boxes to sort into. One for cords, one for fans, one for software and a few others. I'll get those together this week.

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