Saturday, January 10, 2009

Organizing the Utility Room - Part IV

I couldn't avoid it anymore. I had to work in the utility room again today. I'm actually starting to feel hopeful about it, though.

The old work table has collected a bunch of stuff again. Most of this came from the bottom of the new work table. It all needs sorting.

Things are looking up after just 15 minutes! I now have boxes for old cords, fans and other miscellaneous computer stuff. I threw some stuff away. I've got a full-size garbage bag in the utility room that I've been gradually filling each time I work in there. I'll weigh it when it's full and ready for the transfer station.

Today's special find was a plastic bag partially filled with styrofoam peanuts. I know my husband was probably hanging on to these in case he needed to ship something, but I just can't store them indefintely. We can always use crumpled newspaper if we need to.

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