Monday, January 19, 2009

Pinewood Derby Supplies and Tools

The pinewood derby was this past Saturday. My oldest son made a car, raced it and had a blast. The kids in our den worked on their cars last week and my son finished his up Saturday morning.

My husband brought tools, stickers, paint and various other things to the den meeting and the pinewood derby in case anyone needed them.

After the fun, these things are still hanging around the house in little boxes and bags. One of the reasons we have so much clutter is that we don't pick up after ourselves. In years past, we would put these boxes of things in a random spot in the utility room and vow to put them away later. Later would never come.
It was hard to get a picture of everything I needed to deal with today because it was spread out over the house. In addition to the above boxes, these paintbrushes were in the laundry room sink. There was also a bag of craft paints.

After all the tools and things were put away, I put all the various pinewood things in this box and stuck it in the utility room for next year.

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