Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Clean-Up - The Blender

I'm finding that some days I can't stop cleaning and organizing once my fifteen minutes is up. If the baby is content with something else or sleeping on my back in the Mei Tai, I can and often do keep going. But, I usually move on to other areas of the house that need attention. I can only stay in the utility room for so long before I get depressed.

Today, while the baby happily ate a couple of frozen peach slices, I cleaned my blender. I use my blender a lot for smoothies so it was looking pretty rough.

I was elbow deep in this project before I thought about blogging, so I don't have a before picture. Just know that it was gross. Here is the after picture.

It took less than five minutes. I really wish I had the before picture.

On a similar note, I read about this neat blender trick a couple of years ago. I didn't have any canning jars to try at the time. The only jars I have now that fit the blender attachment are jam jars. Still, it worked great. I think it will be handy when I have to use the blender for garlic or other small things.


  1. Blender looks great. I should clean mine. It looks scary.

  2. That's a good trick (with the little jar).

    I cleaned my stove top today. I'm shooting to get the microwave clean tomorrow. Baby's sick so she'll get lots of time in the Ergo.

  3. Jar trick = genius. Wish I could claim I thought of it myself. :)

  4. Holly - I can't claim it either - lol. If I remembered where I saw it, I would quote the source. I wish I had a larger jar with a mouth that fit the attachment. I'll have to see if I can find one somewhere.

    Rachel - I need to do my stovetop too. Maybe tomorrow.

    Get a blender, Treighsie!

    Ms. Burrows - You can do it!