Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slipper Genie Product Review

Jennifer left a comment recommending microfiber towels for cleaning. Of course, I couldn't find any when I went to Wal-mart. So, I bought these microfiber cleaning slippers instead. The Slipper Genie package claims these slippers will do the cleaning for you while you wear them. I'm all about cleaning the easy way, so I couldn't resist buying a pair of Slipper Genies.

I was pleasantly surprised that the slippers fit my feet nicely. I have wide feet and they slipped right on with no tugging. The package says they fit a women's size 6 to 9. I'm an 8 1/2 and they do seem to have enough room left for a size 9 foot, but definitely not any more. Women with larger feet are out of luck, unless they can find a bigger pair somewhere.

The slippers are quite comfortable. The microfiber on the bottom of the Slipper Genie provides a cushion and even feels supportive.
This is a picture of the mircrofiber on the bottom of the Slipper Genie. This is actually attached to the bottom of the slipper with heavy-duty Velcro. I'm assuming this is so the wearer can remove the microfiber and wash it, though the package does not give washing instructions.

I have a dog and a cat, so we've got fur on our floor, no matter how much I sweep and vacuum. Since I don't do either of those things often enough, there is no shortage of fur and dust for the Slipper Genie to collect. Therefore, I was slightly disappointed at how little fur I saw trapped in the microfiber. I expected more.

If you are looking for an effective floor cleaner, don't trade your Swiffer in for a pair of Slipper Genies. However, if you just want a pair of comfortable slippers that will pick up a little bit of dog hair and dust at the same time, then the Slipper Genie isn't a bad investment. You'll still have to clean your floors the old-fashioned way, but at least your feet will be cozy.

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