Friday, January 2, 2009

The Top of My Dresser

I like to keep my bedroom tidy. As I wrote in my first post, clutter makes me feel anxious. So, this is the one room that I keep under control. In theory.

But, life gets busy and the top of my dresser ends up looking like this now and again:

A few hangers for the clean things, a laundry basket for the rest, some dusting spray, a clean dresser scarf and 15 minutes are all it takes to make it look like this:

Today's special find was my phone! I knew it was there I just hadn't seen it in a bit. Luckily, it's part of a set and we knew where the others were.

Today's other find, though I'm not sure how special it is, is my 2008 calender. I intended to use it for my writing goals and to keep tabs of the querries and articles I sent out each month. And, I did use it for that, a bit. A tiny bit. It's not a good record of my progress. Or maybe it is. Anyway, I do have a few things written in it here and there and that is why I put it in the Rubbermaid container with all my writing stuff. And that, right there, is the reason I have a clutter problem. I keep things that are mostly unused and outdated.

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  1. Great job! I need to get on the organizational train today.