Thursday, January 8, 2009

Toys, Legos and a Boy's Bedroom

I went back into my middle son's bedroom today. He still has too many toys out, many of which are Legos. He often dumps whole buckets of Legos in search of just one particular piece and then the mess is overwhelming for him. He needs to be able to manage what he's got.

This is what we started with.
This is what it looked like 15 minutes later. I still need to put his quilt back on his bed.

I also did the top of his dresser. This is the before picture.

This is the after picture.

I put two containers of various toys, mostly Legos, away in the closet. If he needs something, we can get them out, but I don't want them to be dumped everyday.


  1. Oh,those Legos! The best storage solution I've ever seen was a denim bag that doubled as a play mat. It was just a circle of denim about 3 feet in diameter with gromets around the edges strung with a heavy red cord. Open the bag up flat and it's a play mat then pull the bag closed when finished playing. I saw one on an online auction site for
    $299.00(!) and another on eBay. I also saw a ton of frustrated moms asking for Lego storage solutions. This would be a perfect home-based business for someone!!

  2. I tried to make something like that once and it was a total flop. I'll check out e-bay and see if I can find a picture. I think I need to see it in order to make it. Hopefully someone else will read this and turn the idea into a home business! I'll be their first customer, as long as the price is right - lol.