Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Visible Progress in the Utility Room - Part VI

I'm really excited about today's post! I started my 15 minutes determined to make a big impact on the utility room. I want to have the two work tables and the floor space around them cleared so I can pull the old table out of there sometime in the next couple of weeks. The first step is getting the floor in-between the two cleared.

This is what I started with today. I moved some empty boxes, consolidated others and emptied a couple more. I removed a box of old Computer Gaming World magazines. The box weighed 22 pounds! It's on the way to the recycling bin at the transfer station. I stacked the remaining boxes in a different part of the utility room. I'll deal with them later. Right now, the primary goal is clearing this space.

15 minutes later and this is what I'm looking at! Wow! I can move in here now. It feels good.

After my 15 minutes were up, I took a few more minutes to consolidate some stuff for the transfer station and the library. There is the box of books I dug out of the utility room earlier, the magazines, another box of books (23 pounds) that I had put together a long time ago, the bag of clothes I pulled out of my dresser and the large bag of garbage I collected from the utility room and the baby's room. That garbage bag ended up weighing only 4 pounds. It has a lot of packing materials in it, like foam peanuts and other things.

I'm hoping to get this stuff out of the house tomorrow.

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