Friday, February 13, 2009

The Bedroom Closet is Done!

I made myself finish the bedroom closet today even though I really wanted to keep working in the kitchen. I'm glad I did because it feels good to have another completed cleaning project. I don't remember the last time my bedroom closet was completely cleaned out before this.

It was kind of hard to get this picture because this spot of the closet floor is tucked away behind that little piece of blue wall that you can see above. I had it crammed full with my writing stuff, some handbags and an old bookbag. It's time to let the bookbag go. I used it in college, but not much since then. Considering that I graduated 16 years ago, I don't think I need to hang on to it anymore. I'm really not that sentimental.

This is the pile of stuff that I pulled out of the closet to get rid of today. The old sneakers got trashed, but the rest of it got put in the Salvation Army bag.

15 minutes later and I can actually see the floor! A lot of the writing stuff got put in the bottom drawer of that Sterilite container I cleaned out a couple of weeks ago. All that remains on the closet floor is this file box and binder. Not bad. I'm not ready to go through it and actually organize it yet, but at least I know where it all is.


  1. Mmmm your blog always pops into my head when I see clutter now!!

    I've given you a Lemonade award on my Creative Mother blog cause you've got Attitide.