Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bedroom Closet - Part II

I finished going through my husband's clothes yesterday, so I felt like I needed to go through my clothes today. That completes the top half of the closet. I still have to do the closet floor, which is littered with shoes, bags, dust bunnies and other random things.

I didn't find too much to get rid of. I picked through my clothes last year after the baby was born. Still, I found a few things. I also decided that I'm not going to keep those boxes on the top shelf anymore. I was keeping some gifts for the boys that I pick up throughout the year in there. But, there isn't really room for them, so I started a stash in the utility room. It makes sense to keep all of the gifts in one spot, so they got moved downstairs.

After 15 minutes, my side of the closet is much nicer. Now that we have some empty hangers and more space, we should be able to keep the clothes clutter that accumulates on the top of our dressers under control. We've gotten into the bad habit of not putting our clothes away, but I think it's because we have to hunt for hangers and space.

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