Monday, February 2, 2009

Cleaning a Kitchen Cupboard

I'm slowly organizing my way through the whole kitchen. I'm about half-way done with all the cupboards. Today, I cleaned a cupboard that has various things in.

I was keeping most of my flower vases in here. But, I really want to get things organized, so I put those in the cupboard under the kitchen sink with the two big vases that didn't fit in this cupboard. Now that the cupboard under the sink is no longer crammed with plastic grocery bags, I actually have room for the vases!

I know this doesn't look much better than it did before the 15 minutes. But, with the vases gone, I had room to fit my air popcorn popper and my blender. I use these two small appliances frequently and they have been residing on the counter. I wanted to put them in a cupboard where they would still be easy to get to.

This cupboard only took about 7 minutes to organize, so with the remainder of the time, I organized my candles. I have two baskets of candles and candle holders. Most of my candle holders had to go in the freezer for a few minutes to remove all the wax drips. That's something I've been meaning to get to for awhile. It's finally done!

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