Monday, February 16, 2009

The Cupboard Above the Refrigerator

I had no technical difficulties with my pictures today, so my blog post will be back to it's normal, full-color self.

I am moving through the kitchen, 15 minutes at a time and making progress. I realized today that I only have 7 more cupboards and drawers to clean and organize! This makes me very happy.
The cupboard over the refrigerator is where we keep everything that we don't want the kids to get their hands on. All of our cleaners are here, as well as the batteries and the alcohol. Anything big and odd shaped is also crammed in here. This is where you will find my serving platter that hardly ever gets used, our pumpkin carving tools and various other things. As you can see, it's a jumbled mess.

The cupboard is under control after I give it the 15-minute treatment! I put all the batteries in that plastic container with the red lid. They'll be much easier to find. I tried to keep them in a container before, but it wasn't big enough and they spilled out all over the bottom of the cupboard.

I'm glad today's cleaning is done. I've got a small confession to make. I've had the flu the past week and just started feeling better yesterday when I made myself take the dog for a walk. We both needed the fresh air and sunshine. The flu really wiped me out. Somehow, I managed to do my 15 minutes every day. I figured getting up and moving around was good for me. I still have some lingering symptoms, but I'm hoping they are on their way out.

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  1. Ugh, don't you just hate the flu. It want let you operate fully for days. Glad that your feeling better.