Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taming a Messy Kid's Bedroom

We had company coming today. I had gotten the house in pretty decent shape, so thought I'd spend my 15 minutes cleaning my older son's bedroom.

I don't ever do too much cleaning in his room because I think he's old enough to have the bulk of the responsibility himself. I really want my kids to learn that cleaning doesn't have to be a big deal. So, I am teaching them to clean their rooms for 10 minutes at a time or to pick up 100 things at a time. My oldest really seems to work well with this method. His room is usually okay. It's not perfect by any means, but it's generally all right. Still, with company on the way, I thought I'd spruce his room up a little more.

It's not too bad in the before picture. What you can't see is all the stuff on the floor under his bed and around his nightstand.

15 minutes later and it's tidier. In addition to picking up the toys and straightening the top of his dresser, I made his bed and swept the floor. I found several dirty socks in various places. I think he takes them off and tosses them in the air. No wonder I can never find his socks!

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