Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Husband's Dresser

I didn't want to clean today. I've got two sick kids right now, including the baby. He was up several times last night with a cough. At one point, I turned the shower on full blast and sat in the steam in the bathroom with him. It worked. He slept much better after that, but I didn't. There isn't enough coffee in the world to make me feel energetic today.

I was looking around for a cleaning project that would be easy. I'm not sure if my husband's dresser qualifies, but it didn't require any mental energy, so it got the 15-minute treatment.

Probably like most guys in the U.S., my husband has a lot of t-shirts. They take up three drawers of his dresser and are crammed in around the shorts, swim trunks, a few sweatshirts and some blue jeans.

I don't know why I never thought of this before, but it occurred to me that I should roll his t-shirts like I would if I were packing a suitcase to save room. It worked great! There's now two layers 0f t-shirts and swim trunks in this drawer. Another, larger drawer has three layers of rolled t-shirts along with some shorts. The bottom drawer has a few pairs of shorts and a lot of empty space!

Anything bulky, like sweatshirts, got hung on his side of the closet. I found a few things to add to the donation pile.


  1. Good idea to roll them! I should try that!

  2. Rolling huh, i'm gonna have to try that. My husband has about 900 tshirts he refuses to get rid of and this might just save our marriage :)

  3. Hey, great idea! Like you, my husband has tons of T shirts. I'm going to try this tomorrow. I love to declutter, it's like a drug high (but legal). I want to do a post on the 'perks' of decluttering. Will do it soon. I've done all the decluttering I can with my stuff--if only I could get my hands on my husband's stuff...