Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Pantry Cupboard - Part II

I'm still working in the kitchen because I'm getting very close to the end. Today, I finished the pantry coupboard, which I started several weeks ago.
This is a picture of the two top shelves. I also did the two shelves below this. The angle was awkward and I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing.
As you can see, I have several bags of dried beans. The two coffee cans are filled with rice and beans, too. I had a pantry moth infestation a few years ago and started to keep packages of beans and rice in the coffee cans. It was a tip I read somewhere. If pantry moths come into the house in a package of something, the coffee cans keep them from infesting everything. I've since slacked on putting all my dried stuff into coffee cans.

I wanted to clean this up, but I didn't have any more empty coffee cans, so I decided to use Mason jars instead. I really like how it looks! I think I'm going to get some more jars and use them for all the dried beans and rice. They should be just as effective at stopping a pantry moth infestation, plus I can see what I've got easily. I think they'll fit better in the cupboard, too.

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