Thursday, February 26, 2009

Product Review: Microfiber Towels

On my Five Favorite Cleaning Tips post back in January, Jennifer left a comment recommending microfiber towels. It's not the first time someone told me about microfiber towels. I've wanted to get some for awhile. However, I couldn't find them at Wal-mart in the cleaning section. I was at Rite-Aid a week ago and finally saw microfiber towels. They were in the automotive section.

Do Microfiber Towels Perform as the Package States?

The package claims that the "thousands of 'microfibers' trap particles preventing scratches to the surface". The first thing I dusted was the television. That seems to collect dust like nothing else in our house. It's a literal dust magnet. The microfiber towel glided across the surface smoothly, removed every trace of dust and left a clean, shiny surface. There was no scratching.

I also dusted my delicate laptop screen. I'm wary of using regular cleaning products on an LCD screen. The microfiber towel did a nice job. It's clean and perfectly unblemished.

A Benefit of Microfiber Towels

A benefit to using microfiber cleaning towels is that there is no need to use any kind of dusting spray. The towels work completely dry for light dusting. For tough cleaning jobs, the towels can be wet thoroughly. The package states that one towel retains over seven times its weight in water. I think this might be a good solution for my hardword floors, which do need a damp rag for optimal cleaning.

A Strange Drawback of Microfiber Towels

The one drawback to using microfiber cleaning towels is they feel strange on my skin. It's winter time and my hands are dry, though not extremely dry. I'm pretty good about remembering my hand lotion. The towels have an irritating scratchy feel. It kind of gives me the creeps. I liken it to the fingernails on a chalkboard feeling. Putting a thick layer of hand lotion on immediately before using a microfiber towel seems to lessen the scratchy feel. I suppose I could wear some gloves while I clean, but that seems like overkill.

It cost $2.99 for this package of three, PEAK microfiber auto cloths at Rite-Aid. I like the bright, cheerful colors. The towels can be washed and dried with no fabric softener. The package label recommends frequent washing to prevent the towels from retaining particles that may scratch surfaces.

I definitely give these microfiber cleaning towels a thumbs up. Despite the scratchy feeling on my skin, I recommend them as an inexpensive solution for dusting without the use of cleaning products.

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