Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Kitchen Cupboards

I made myself clean and organize two kitchen cupboards today. I am excited about being almost done with the kitchen, so I worked for about a half hour. I have one extremely cluttered drawer to do tomorrow.

This was my Tupperware and plastic container cupboard. I started replacing all the plastic with Mason jars and jam jars last fall. I really like the glass jars better. I could write an entire article on why I prefer glass to plastic. For decluttering purposes, they fit in the cupboard so much better than all the various-sized plastic containers did. The lids are small, so they all fit nicely in a Sterilite container. Most importantly, I have no Tupperware avalanches crashing onto my head anymore. It didn't happen often, but it was enough to annoy me.

I keep my fancy glasses in this cupboard, too. Now that we have three kids, the fancy glasses don't get used often. They were covered in a visible layer of dust. I washed and dried them all. Maybe I'll pull one out now and again for a glass of wine in the evening.

I also cleaned out the cupboard where I keep my mixing bowls. I was keeping the potatoes and onions in there, too. Since I've cleaned and organized my pantry cupboard, I found room for those with the rest of the food. I had an empty shelf in the mixing bowl cupboard. Now my cloth shopping bags are kept there. I had those out in plain view on a shelf before. It's nice to hide that clutter behind a closed door!

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