Sunday, February 8, 2009

Under the Kitchen Stove

This post is not for the faint of heart. It's been awhile since I pulled out the stove and cleaned under it. It was not pretty.
After it was pulled out, we all stood there for a minute excited about the missing things we had found. My four-year-old found a Hungry Hungry Hippos marble. My nine-year-old found a missing Bionicle piece. I found a spoon, a potholder and the toilet paper holder. I'm not sure how that ended up there, but it's been missing for some time. The dog was probably the most excited of all. As soon as we let her, she dove in and cleaned up some old crackers and marshmallows. My husband said we were acting like it was Christmas morning. A very dirty Christmas morning.

15 minutes later and I no longer feel ashamed by the area under my stove. I'm hoping to pull the refrigerator out next week. I'm kind of frightened.


  1. when i was pregnant and nesting like crazy i pulled out our fridge, our washer and dryer(in the kitchen) and our stove- Yuck! We had lived at that place 3 years (it was brand new when we moved in) and we hadn't cleaned it once. It was so terrible, we found missing socks, too small clothes from my first, and lots of silverware. I never let it go more than six months now. It still gets plenty dirty, and it looks so pretty when its clean !

  2. Barb, you rock! I love reading about your clutter-clearing projects :)