Sunday, March 29, 2009

Again with the Utility Room

My husband sorted computer things in the utility room today. He decided to get rid of two old printers and a few old power supplies! I puttered around while he worked, got rid of some empty boxes and labeled some other boxes. When the fifteen minutes was up, I moved on to other things, but he kept working for another half hour or so. I even heard the shop vac running for a bit. I'm starting to think that he secretly likes cleaning and organizing.
We've got too many old printers. Of course, none of them work. My husband wants to make one working printer out of the parts.

Luckily, he thinks these two printers have enough working pieces to make one good one. The two useless printers were moved to the garage onto a growing pile of things that he hopes to get rid of on Craig's List. Know anyone that wants a pile of outdated, broken computer stuff?

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  1. LOL

    I'll bet my husband would like them, but he already has plenty of computer junk!