Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Baby's Closet

The closet in the baby's room is kind of a catch all. Things that I'm not ready to part with get stuffed here. Also, seasonal items, like the fans and Halloween costumes are crammed in. I'm hoping to move things like that down into the utility room once it's cleaned out.

Most of all, we keep toys in this closet. I'm trying to not have so many toys out in our living space. There's still quite a bit for the kids to play with, but the closet is also packed with a bunch. It's really time for me to weed some things out and take them to Goodwill or the dump, depending on the condition they are in.
This is deceiving because it looks like I did a lot. But, there's more toys out in the baby's room than there was before. That's the danger of decluttering when the kids are in the same room. They want to play with everything. Ten minutes later, I tidied and put some toys back into the closet. I did swap things around a bit and put away toys that had been out for awhile.

This pile is headed to Goodwill. The car ramp is hard to part with, but we've got a similar one that gets played with a lot more.

I'm sorting out all the Little People and their accessories. These are also hard to part with, so I'm not getting rid of them quite yet. But, none of my kids have ever had much of an interest. I've kept every single Little People thing since my oldest son was a baby, almost 10 years ago. They've been ignored by the older two and it seems the baby isn't too interested either. Maybe I'll sell them on Craig's List.

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  1. I have clutter issues too. I thought when my girls got a little bigger I would do better but....no not really.