Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Back Porch

With the weather finally taking a turn for the better, I wanted to spruce up the back porch a bit. We have high hopes for the back porch every spring. We end up eating out there once or twice and then ditch it because I am grossed out by how filthy it can be.

There is a green astro-turf floor which is a dirt and dog hair trap. We didn't put this in. It was here when we moved in. I want to rip it up, but the bare, concrete floor underneath is even uglier, if you can believe it. It's got patches of old linoleum stuck to it here and there. I want to find some kind of inexpensive flooring to put down. We are thinking of slate tile. It would look better and be easier to clean.
There's a mix of outdoor toys, some broken, old water balloons and tools.

I threw quite a bit away. The unused water balloons didn't make it through the winter. Most of them were stuck to the kids' gaming table.

In order to turn this room into our summer living room and dining room, we need to do some serious work. The floor needs to be done, we need to paint and fix some of the windows. I also want to get a screen door. And, I need some good outdoor/indoor furniture. I'd be happy to find decent stuff at a garage sale. Maybe I'll make this a summer project.

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