Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back to the Utility Room

I haven't set foot in the utility room in awhile. Now that the kitchen is done, I knew I had to get back in there before all my previous work was undone. Sadly, that has already started to happen. But, all is not lost. If I start working in there on a regular basis again, I think I can have the two work tables moved to their proper places by the end of the month.

My husband helped me today. Our goal was to clear this floor space. We need a place to stack the boxes that are on both work tables so that we can move them. We sorted the box on the left. It was a mix of computer cords, household nails, screws and some packaging for various things.

I see more floor than I did before, so that's a good thing. One more box to sort and then we can move on to the next section of floor.


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