Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garage Entry Way and Computer Stuff

The entry way into our garage has a little nook that would make a great space for a shoe rack and a bench so the kids could get their snowpants and boots on in the winter. But, we now store the supplies for our cub scout den and some computer stuff here.

There are some odds and ends here too. It seems to be a good place to stack random things on the way into and out of the house. There's a set of shelves here that someone gave us several years ago. I'm not sure what we intended to do with them at the time, but now I want to move them into the utility room for more storage space. 15-minutes later and this is much better. I was able to talk my husband into putting an old scanner and old printer into a pile in the garage. He's talked about making a pile of all the old computer stuff that he won't use. He wants to put it on Craig's List as a lot. Hopefully someone will take it. It's outdated stuff, so not worth anything. I just want to get it out of the house. Now that the pile is started, I can move stuff out there and free up more space inside.

Little by little, we are seeing an improvement. This is one of those days where I feel like cleaning and organizing all day. But, I've got laundry to wash and fold, lunch dishes to clean up, a baby to nurse and beds to make still.

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  1. Barb- Thanks for sharing all of your clutter clean up with us! It has inspired me to do a little of my own! Go and see how I spent most of my weekend...
    Keep Sharing and we will keep reading!!!!
    Thanks- Tracy