Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The New Work Table

My husband was quite happy I ripped the old work table out of the utility room yesterday. It's one less thing he has to do. Today, I jumped right into cleaning off the new work table so we can move it over to it's new home.
As is typical in the utility room, there's lots of stuff piled here. Most of it is computer-type odds and ends.

Isn't it pretty when you can see the top? It's been so long since we got the new work table, so I'm not sure of the story behind it, but I think my husband's grandfather made it for him.

I didn't do much sorting. I mostly stacked everything on the floor and on top of everything else that's on the floor. This is cleared enough to move now. Unless I get distracted with some other project tomorrow, I'm going to use the shop vac to clean up the floor where the old work table was. Then, I'll be moving this over.

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