Monday, March 16, 2009

The Old Work Table in the Utility Room

We're halfway through the month of March, the weather is finally turning into spring and I want to get the old work table out of the utility room once and for all. This was supposed to happen when we moved into this house over seven years ago. Unfortunately, we've kept it too piled with crap to move it.

I cleared some floor space last week so that I could stack all the boxes on the floor. The boxes are slightly organized. There's still lots of work to do with all the computer stuff, but we're getting there. I'm not aiming for perfect, just better.

I'm ready to yank this old thing out of here. Is my husband ready? I think he's going to have to think about it for a few days. 


  1. I'm dreading when I get to our utility room and garage - my husband never throws anything out! You are doing so well - keep going!x

  2. Thanks, Keltie. My husband only throws things out when forced - lol.