Sunday, March 22, 2009

Product Review: Oliver's Labels

We got some new labels from Oliver's Labels for my four-year-old son last week. I am really impressed with them. They are super cute, sturdy, colorful and convenient.

My son loves them. He was able to pick out the design he wanted from several choices at the Oliver's Labels' website. He chose the sports design. Along with the full-color graphics, his name is printed clearly on the labels and is easy for him to read. Oliver's Labels uses a special printing process that guarantees the image will not rub off. This is really important for kids, like mine, whose clothing, shoes and other items go through a lot of wear and tear.

We got a sample pack of labels, which included shoe labels. There is one label, shaped like a bare foot, for the inside of each of his sneakers. He is quite thrilled with this and has been showing everyone who cares to see; his teacher, his grandparents and his aunts and uncles. As a bonus, he's been able to get his shoes on the correct foot because he knows that the big toe on the sticker needs to match up with the big toe on his own foot.

We also got a sample of the new Stick-eez Clothing Labels. These are great for his jacket, snowpants and other clothing that gets sent to school. While my son loves the cool sports design, I love the practical Found-It codes that are printed on each of the clothing, shoe and original labels. The Oliver's Labels website is printed on the labels, prompting someone to visit the website when they find my child's lost item. They simply enter the code and I receive a notification e-mail.

When my four-year-old gets ready to enter Kindergarten in the fall, I'll be prepared with Oliver's Labels. The labels will take some of the work out of the back-to-school prep. With three boys, I can use all the short-cuts I can get! Thanks to Helen at Oliver's Labels for sending us a sample pack to try!

Check out the Oliver's Labels website:

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