Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sorting Boxes in the Utility Room

I have to work in earnest in the utility room every week if I want to swap the new work table for the old work table by the end of the month. There is an endless supply of boxes to be sorted.
This box was filled with the usual; cords, fans, various household things and empty packaging. I found an old brass doorknocker, still in the package, that we bought when we rented a house twelve years ago. We never replaced the doorknocker on that house and when we moved, we moved the new, unopened doorknocker with us. We don't need a doorknocker on our door now. I guess that goes in the donation pile.

I know, it doesn't look any better. I emptied one box and replaced it with this stack of three boxes. The difference is these three boxes are all sorted. They were on top of the old work table. Now that I've got some floor space, I'm going to start moving things down. But, I'm only going to put sorted boxes on the floor.

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