Monday, March 30, 2009

The Wash Stand

I've tidied the wash stand before. Since we are true clutter bugs, we can't seem to let a horizontal surface stay clear for long in our house. Last time, in addition to the clearing the surface, I cleaned a bit of the top drawer.
This time, I cleared the surface and one of the middle drawers. I threw away an old, broken picture frame. I thought I would fix it, but it's been in there for over a year. I have to face the fact that I'm not going to spend any time on it. Besides, having that sharp glass in a drawer within easy reach of the kids isn't the safest thing. It all went in the garbage.

Since this is near our entry way, it's the spot where the diaper bag resides. When it's all cluttered, the diaper bag goes on the floor. Then, the baby gets into it and spreads the clean clothes, diapers and wipes all over the house. It reminds me of that book If You Take a Mouse To the Movies. One thing leads to another until you are back at the beginning again.

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