Sunday, April 12, 2009

15 Minutes of Decluttering on Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying your holiday with family and friends. Before we head off to the grandparent's house, I'm doing my 15-minute decluttering session.
I started working on the other side of the utility room today. There's more computer stuff here, including this big Rubbermaid container of cords. A lot of our household stuff is stored on this side, too. This is where I plan on keeping the household things. So, I need to sort out the computer stuff and move it to the computer storage area.
I freed up some space. The green Rubbermaid container and the large box both have toys in them. Sometimes we drag these out and the boys have fun playing with the things they haven't seen in awhile.

Sigh. More cords to deal with. We need to sort these and pare them down to the basics. I'm excited that I found another Rubbermaid container stuck to the bottom of this one. I've already got a plan for it.


  1. Two questions...
    #1 Is you husband an IT or network control guy? Mine is and we seem to have around the same amount of old computers, various cords, etc. LOL

    #2 Are you a flylady fan? I could never get with the system completely but I use their 15 minute decluttering.

  2. Yes, my husband is an IT guy. He's been collecting compter stuff for so long, the orginal stuff he's still got tucked away has got to be considered antique by now. LOL

    I am sort of a flylady fan. I've done the program a few times. I always get burned out with it. I do think it's a good program and it does get my house clean, but I can't maintain that level of cleaning activity day to day.

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  4. Nice to finally find another IT guy's wife with the same computer stuff problem I do.. i always thought I was alone!
    We're building a storage bulding this summer and I'm so excited to throw all that stuff in it.

  5. I always thought I was alone, too! We need a support group. LOL A storage building sounds fantastic! I'll have to tell my husband about it. Maybe he'll want one, too.