Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm relatively new to couponing. A friend of mine got me into it this year. It's something I'm learning how to do as I go. My oldest son and I made a deal that we'll set aside all the money that I save from couponing for a Nintendo Wii. So far, our Wii fund has $66 in it. I'm impressed that I've saved that much since January. I know some people do that in a month. But, it's all about baby steps, right?

I bought two different Sunday papers this weekend, so I ended up with twice the usual number of coupons and circulars to go through. This is overwhelming for a newbie like me! I've been pretty good at going through everything as soon as I get it on Sunday. But, this week, I didn't get to it. I left the pile in the middle of the kitchen table.

Naturally, I started to pile other things there, too. The last thing I need is another pile of accumulated papers every week!

I needed to stop it before it became a permanent fixture on my table. I spent today's 15 minutes clipping coupons and recycling circulars.

I'm going to two stores this week. This is my list, circulars and pile of coupons, all set to go. I'm excited that the grocery store has a coupon to triple the value of one manufacturer's coupon. My $1 off McCormick spices will become $3 off!

This is how I'm currently storing my coupons. I'm starting to get irritated with it. A couple of months ago, I didn't have that many, so it was no big deal to sort through each week when I went shopping. Now, it's becoming a pain in the butt. I need some inspiration to organize this better.

How do you organize your coupons? Feel free to e-mail pictures. I'd love to see your coupon books!


  1. Hey Barb-

    I use an accordian folder for my coupons... I usually just keep on the circulars in there and when I am making my grocery list, I pull them out and go through and cut then. They do have smaller ones though that you can label and divide your coupons by sections of the grocery store. Hope this helps!

  2. What store is tripling coupons this week? I hope I have one near me!

  3. I still have to show you my binder!

  4. Joy - Price Chopper has a coupon in their circular that will triple one other coupon.

    Treighsie - Yeah, I still want to see it!

    Tracy - Thanks - I like the idea of sorting them by section of the grocery store. I think that would be convenient.

  5. I used a basic check file for years, until I became hardcore! LOL!

    Here's the two posts I've written about my binder: