Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Cub Scout Supplies

My husband is a cub scout den leader. That means we've collected a lot of supplies for projects over the past couple of years. We have five boxes that need to be sorted and consolidated.
Some of our household supplies get taken to meetings for projects and stay in the boxes indefinitely. I found my favorite scissors, lots of glue and a hole punch that I'd been looking for.

Five boxes were consolidated into three. Not bad. One box has cub scout books and program help guides and all of the cups, napkins and paper plates. The other two boxes have craft supplies. This stuff will be helpful when I plan future meetings.

Until there is a place for the cub scout supplies in the utility room, the boxes have to go back on the floor in the family room. But, a stack of three boxes is better than a stack of five.

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