Monday, April 13, 2009

The Diaper Bag - An Easy Project for Post-Easter Burn Out

I ate way too much candy yesterday. Add in the facts that we had a super busy day, ate two Easter dinners at two different relative's houses and got home late. The end result is that I'm not feeling particularly energetic. I needed an easy project. One that I could do sitting down, if it were possible to sit with a 14-month old running around.
I haven't tidied the diaper bag in a long time. I thought it would only take me five minutes. I was going to call it good enough for today.

Fourteen minutes later and I'm done. I found $1.84 in change, six pens and a bunch of toys on the bottom. I restocked the diapering essentials and made sure the baby has a change of clothes. I've started keeping two cloth shopping bags in here, as well. I'd like to have the habit of using one whenever I'm in a store picking up one or two things instead of getting a plastic grocery bag. Now I just need to remember I've got them with me.

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