Sunday, April 19, 2009

The File Cabinet

I was going to file copies of my tax return in the filing cabinet last week, but nothing would fit. I'm months behind on filing all my household paperwork, too. I've pretty much ignored the filing cabinet for several months.

As you can see, the papers are packed in here. It's time to sort out old things for recycling. Last year's bank statements and similar stuff will get put in a box and filed in the utility room until it's okay to shred them. I think you're supposed to keep important records for seven years. Is that right? How long do you keep bank statements? What about utility bills? I usually keep those for the year and then toss them after that.

This is the stack of papers I took out of the drawer. The insurance book is from health insurance we had more than a year ago. I was happy to see that go. I hated that insurance.

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