Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Living Room

I haven't been good about enforcing the 5 at 5 cleaning routine that I started with the boys several weeks ago. Our living room has been getting a little worse each day. Even though I was picking up by myself each morning, it was messy again by the end of the day. The past few days, I wasn't home in the morning, so the living room had gotten out of hand. Again.
I apologize for how dark this picture is. There seemed to be a lot of light coming in the window, so I didn't think I needed the flash.

Picking up the toys and dusting took the whole 15 minutes. I took a few minutes after that to run the vacuum. The baby wasn't really letting me clean today either, so I did a lot of stopping and starting. As you can see, there was another toy out before I had a chance to take the picture. LOL That's the way it goes. Didn't someone once say that cleaning the house while you have children is like shoveling the snow before it stops snowing? I think it may have been Erma Bombeck, but Google isn't confirming that for me.

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