Monday, April 20, 2009

Old Financial Records

I continued with yesterday's work and sorted old financial records. Today I worked on the really old stuff. You know, the stuff that's stored in a shoe box and crammed into the top of a closet? I used to be pretty organized in this area. That was before kids. Now I'm several years behind. I've got everything, and most of it is sorted by year, but I need to get rid of the ancient papers.
The old financial records are stored on the top shelf in the baby's closet. It's not exactly high tech. It's also not practical anymore. Before the baby this room was our office and it made sense. Now, I really need this space for other things.
I sorted, consolidated and tossed old documents. I'm going on faith that we don't need to keep anything older than seven years. Just to be safe, I'm only going to get rid of things that are dated before 2000. I know, I'm paranoid. All the consolidated documents are going in Rubbermaid containers and getting stored in the utility room.

I didn't make it as far as I thought I would. It's kind of neat going through old checks and seeing where we were and what we were buying twelve years ago. But, as much as I enjoyed the walk down memory lane, I know I can't keep this stuff for nostalgia reasons. I'm buying a shredder at Walmart today so I can get rid of these things the way I'm supposed to.

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