Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time to Clean-Up the Easter Decorations

Easter wasn't over soon enough for me this year. We had a stressful, busy day that ended with my youngest son getting bit by a dog. Thankfully, he's okay. But, I couldn't wait to pack all traces of Easter away. I'd like to forget about the day as soon as possible.
The two older boys still have some candy left, so their baskets are staying out for a bit longer, but all the knick-knacks, plastic eggs and other Easter decorations are back in the utility room for another year.
I'm not much of a knick-knack person, but I have several Easter knick-knacks that have been given to me. The kids like them, so I get them out every year. To me, knick-knacks look cluttered and messy. I'm always anxious to get them back in storage where they belong. Maybe I'm just being an Easter Scrooge because of how awful our day was, but I was especially annoyed by the knick-knacks this year.

Here's the Rubbermaid tote full of Easter decorations. I wrapped the fragile things in paper and buried them under the plastic eggs. I considered not taking any precautions and seeing if anything would break. Maybe next year.

I need to shake my bad mood and focus on the fact that my baby is okay and that, not counting Easter, every day of this spring vacation has been a good one.

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