Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekly 15 Minutes of Decluttering in the Kitchen

After many years of taking care of a home, I have finally had an epiphany. In order to stay on top of the clutter in the kitchen, I need to focus on it at least once a week. I do the dishes, clear the table, clean up the counters from food prep and sweep the floor a few times a day (usually), but I tend to put things here and there on the counters and table. Then, I ignore them indefinitely. Toys, coupons, receipts, books and any number of other things multiply in stacks like bunnies. I need a weekly 15-minute kitchen decluttering session to keep it from getting out of control.

I've posted so many pictures of my kitchen, I didn't feel like I needed to do that again. So, to take the kitchen decluttering one step further, I threw a few things out. There is an old clutter control rule that I've read time and again. When you bring something new into your home, get rid of something else you don't use.

I found these glasses on a free table at a garage sale this past weekend. Aren't they cool? I love the color and the size is just right. I'm slowly replacing all of our plastic with glass and stainless steel.

To make room for the new glasses, these two cups had to go. We avoid both like the plague. The small one is made from old, cloudy plastic. I'm sure it's not healthy to drink out of it. The coffee mug is an unfriendly dribble mug. Sometimes my husband and I use it when there isn't another clean travel mug, but we always regret it.

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