Saturday, May 23, 2009

After the Flood: Cleaning the Floor of the Laundry Room

Most of the water in the laundry room dried up overnight. My husband took apart the washing machine to try to determine the source of the leak. There was no sign of anything wrong, so he put it back together and ran the machine. It was fine. No leaking anywhere. I didn't think that was the problem. But, that still leaves us with a mystery. How did our basement flood?
Because the laundry room floor was flooded, it was a mess. Every piece of lint that was under the washer and dryer washed out into the room. I admit that the floor was dirty to begin with. This just made it worse.

I washed the floor with bleach and water. I don't normally like to use bleach, but I feel like the situation called for it. I pulled the dryer out and washed under that, as well. My husband already cleaned under the washing machine when he was working on it. The laundry room is back to normal, the carpet in the family room is almost dry and the floor in the utility room is dry. All the boxes of computer stuff are still damp and need to be sorted and purged. We'll have to do this 15 minutes at a time just like everything else.

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  1. our washer will flood if a heavy load gets off balance. The spin syscle will throw water over the edge of the tub & it runs down on the outside of the tub (unseen) usually that means the belt is wearing out!