Thursday, May 14, 2009

Am I Running Out of Things to Declutter?

Ok, I'm not really running out of things to declutter, but I can take a mental inventory of what's left and know that the end is in sight. This is what's left:
1. My husband's computer stuff
2. The rest of the financial records, including my current filing
3. Some large items that need to go on Craig's list
4. The Christmas things
5. The closet with our camping stuff
6. The rest of the laundry room, which involves more cleaning than decluttering.

And, that's about it. The computer stuff is still a daunting task, especially since it's at the point where my husband really needs to be the one to declutter. His motivation for decluttering and cleaning things out is in short supply. Maybe I can get him to work on it a bit this weekend.
Today, I focused on the shelves in the utility room that we call "my" shelves. This where we keep our household items that we don't need to use often. The Christmas things are here, for instance.
I rearranged and threw a few things away. One thing to go was an old bedskirt that I'll never use again. It was homemade and I'm not that talented of a seamstress. I don't think anyone else could possibly ever want it, so I tossed it. I do need to sort the Christmas things, but other than that, my set of shelves are about as good as I care to make them. I'm going to buy some Rubbermaid containers to replace some of the cardboard boxes. We do get mice in the utility room once in a while. The plastic keeps them out of our stuff.

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  1. That looks a lot've been so busy! I wish I had your initiative!